Windshield Wiper Technique

This weekend we were working on a school project and my son Michael is a perfectionist, which I’m not so you can image the drama. In an effort to help Michael manage his stress we use the windshield wiper technique. You know close your eyes and have the wipers clear your mind then when you open your eyes you can see clearly again.

Later that same day I was in the car, as a passenger with my husband Art driving, which means we should get a speed camera ticket in the mail any day now. We had three boys in tow, volume level ear shattering, topic of discussion the latest WWE Smack down – those of you with 10 year old boys or who were 10 year old boys know exactly what I’m talking about.

So I closed my eyes and used the windshield wiper technique hoping to clear my mind. The problem is when I opened my eyes I did see clearly and I realized we had a stone chip on the passenger side of the windshield… so much for clearing my view. 

The good news is we made it Michael’s game on time, and he scored and the team won. The bad news is the future speed ticket and my windshield needs attention. My OCD kicked in and now all I can think about is the windshield.  Is the damage the size of a quarter,  can I get a glass company out today, how long has it been like this….OMG  When I start down this path Art suggests pulling over so I can run circles around the car screaming like my hair is on fire. 

If you are like me… the me version without OCD and insurance experience… the me with comprehensive coverage and a $500 deductible you get the windshield repaired..

Many qualified glass companies offer mobile service; they come to your home or office and complete the repair on the spot. If the windshield can be repaired most of the carriers will pay the full invoice without charging a deductible. You’ll notice I used many and most in the same sentence which means you have to call your agent or carrier and check first.   

So if your vision is clouded by windshield damage you really should consider the repair minus the OCD and deductible.


About Pamela Dodge, CIC, CISR, CPIA, ACSR

Knowledgeable, creative insurance professional with 18+ years in the insurance industry, specializing in personal insurance programs.
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