The Independent Agent Plus

I’m sitting here reading through another guide to social media. I’m a big believer of always learning and honing my craft.

 I consider myself a sponge for useful/relevant info.

The guide today sparked a thought… typical. So, I feel the need to share.

Several times this week I have been in a meeting or read a newsletter or thought to myself… the independent agent is losing market share. This is very true. The independent agent is losing market share, and it is to the geckos and the Flos and The Generals. It’s not because the independent agent is not helpful or knowledgeable or affordable. That would be incorrect. We are all these things and more.

 We can do the same thing as Flo but better.

Every insurance advertisement you see talks about price, price, price. I recognize that price is important but cheap does not always mean the policy is adequate. A cheap policy can be detrimental to the policyholder. I could advertise that I sell cheap insurance but that is not what I am in the business of.

I am in the business of providing quality insurance products at an affordable price.

When you call me for a quote I want to know what your current situation is, what you want from your insurance, and what you need from your insurance. Once I know all this I run quotes through all of my companies. I evaluate the price and product and I pick the best fit based on what I know. That is one of the beauties of dealing with an independent agent like me. I am looking at several companies, I am calculating the bottom line to match it to the client.

If you call the gecko you get one company. What I find even more disturbing when I see one of these policies is the lack of guidance provided to the client on what was purchased.

 Insurance is not a commodity.

Not all policies are the same. There is a big difference between an auto policy from Chubb and a policy from State Farm. Not every one needs nor wants the best auto policy in the world but some people need more than a standard auto policy from the gecko.

 Another great benefit when working with me is you get me.

 Not 1-800-who-ever-answers-the-phone-first.

You get me and what’s even better is that I am local, not coastal or international. So, if you need a one-on-one time out to comb through your policy I am here for you. I travel to my clients and my clients travel to me. Another benefit is I am licensed through the state. Many of the reps. you get with these large companies are not licensed individuals and have no credentials to support the recommendations they make. I’ve been licensed in the state of Maryland going on 11+ years and I have met my mandatory continuing education requirement on each renewal. I also make an effort to seek out additional info. regarding my industry and specialization via additional class time, newsletters, blogs, etc.

The last kick ass reason to work with me is that I have access to more companies, which means a variety of different types of insurance products.

 Not every client is Plain Jane two cars, two drivers, and one home.

I have clients with vacation homes, rental properties, vacant lots, boats, jet skis, motorcycles, etc. I have clients that need a special policy to cover the renovation project or addition to their home. There are clients that need coverage for the mobile home that sits on a permanent foundation in another state that they consider a second home. These are not run of the mile products, and not all insurance companies have a market they can access for coverage.

The feather in my cap is that once you place a policy with me that does not mean you will never hear from me again or that I never know what is going on with your account.

I am always there lurking in the background making sure things are running smoothly for all my clients.

I am proactive when things are changing and I will do everything in my power to address issues or problems that crop up. My job doesn’t end once you sign on the dotted line. Oh no, my job has only just begun!



About Pamela Dodge, CIC, CISR, CPIA, ACSR

Knowledgeable, creative insurance professional with 18+ years in the insurance industry, specializing in personal insurance programs.
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