While Pamela is a strong, driven, committed individual I’m more of a tired, worn out and ready for a vacation….kind of person. 

I was born in Hawaii to a military family, but consider myself a native to Maryland.  My mother’s family has lived in AnneArundelCounty since the beginning of time; where boating, fishing, crabbing, all things water are king.   I   graduated from the University of Maryland and married my high school sweetheart…..awwwww!

That same year I began an insurance career with State Farm Mutual Insurance Company first as a Claim Representative before someone discovered how bossy I was and promoted me to a Training Unit Supervisor and Claim Superintendant. In 1995 I accepted a position at State Farms corporate offices in BloomingtonIllinois working in the General Claims Department.  

Some might wonder where that sweetheart husband of mine was all that time. Art was very supportive. He had gotten an MBA and started a business so we went off on our adventure.  I quickly learned why my family never left Maryland. If you are driving west……on a wagon train……I would have been the one to start screaming, jump off and run due east!

Luckily, State Farm recognized my mid-west anxiety and relocated us to New York in 1998 where I was a Section Manager.  Art worked on Bond Street.  We loved New York, but in 2000 during a company physical I was diagnoses with Thyroid cancer.  Soon after I found that the cancer cured my infertility and after 18 years of marriage we were blessed with a healthy, high maintenance baby boy named Michael.  

Following September 11, 2001 Art and I looked at each other and started wondering what was important, and where we belonged.  His office closed due to damage and people were relocated to New Jersey. We had a new baby, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. So I retired from my career, we packed up and moved to Maryland. 

Having spent valuable time with family I found out my family drives me crazy.  We have lived in 8 houses in 3 states so I figured how hard could Real Estate be. My grandmother was an agent and I had very happy memories of going with her to see and show homes……ah quality time! 

Once Michael started school I returned to my first love… or maybe second… okay third… well definitely fourth love…. the Insurance industry.   I’m a Claims Manager specializing in claim and risk management for an independent insurance agency.

Art and I live in Millersville, Maryland. We just celebrated 28 years of marriage. My little late in life surprise is turning 11. We are active in the community with Art coaching soccer, basketball, lacrosse, wrestling, rugby and baseball.  I’m on strike as team mom until he limits himself to 1 sport per season.  We teach Sunday school at our church. Michael is active in scouting. All who have a child in the program know parent involvement is required so we are “involved”.  We also support fund raising for cancer groups as I’m now a two times cancer survivor.

In my spare time I enjoyed classic movies, reading, and travel …of course I don’t really have any spare time ……My favorite color is yellow. While generally I’m optimistic by nature you might have some insight into why I’m pooped and Pamela is forced to hound me!

I love nothing more that visiting with friends, family and sharing the joys in life. Call me anytime with questions concerns or gossip. I’ll always make time to visit.