So here is the nitty gritty on insurance… Not all insurance policies are alike!

Insurance is not a commodity.

Policies vary within an insurance company, and from company to company.

If insurance was so easy then no one would need an insurance professional. Which is actually a scary thought for me because insurance is super complex, even from where I sit.

I know, I know, insurance is boring! It even puts us to sleep from time to time. Too often people run from us when we say we are insurance professionals. Let us put your mind at ease. We are just like you. In fact, I would like to say we are normal, but who knows what normal is these days. Outside of work we have a pretty typical lifestyle, excluding the dramas with our kids or the husbands wanting a poisonois pet snake. Lol!

If you didn’t already know it… Insurance is a means by which you transfer your risk of loss to another party. Every one has a risk, but it is different from person to person, which is why you need to select your insurance wisely.

There is a variety of insurance products…

  • home
  • auto
  • workers compensation
  • business auto
  • employer liability
  • cyber liability
  • etc.

Here is our promise to you…

We promise to provide you counsel for your insurance needs and wants. We are your advocate when navigating the insurance waters. At all times we will consider all options available and provide you the option to select what suits you best. As already promised, your best interests is at the heart of every recommendation.

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